Back to furtado via kaldor and thirlwall: Heterodox theories of growth as a support for the resumption of the furtadian focus of the regional issue

André Luís Cabral de Lourenço, Márcia Maria de Oliveira Bezerra, Marconi Gomes da Silva, William Eufrasio Nunes Pereira


This paper aims to present and compare the heterodox growth theories for open economies of Thirlwall and Kaldor to assess how they can contribute as an element of interpretation of the Brazilian heterodox regional economic literature. The hypothesis of the paper is that the lack of autonomy to formalize the internal borders between regions of a country does not constitute an obstacle for the trade effects between them to generate situations characterized by balanceof-payments-constraints, imposing limits to the expansion of their economies and in these processes unleashing polarization mechanisms regarding their growth rates. It is concluded that the literature below justifies the reestablishment of Furtado’s perspective as a key to the interpretation and treatment of regional problems in Brazil.


Regional Question. Celso Furtado. Heterodox Growth Theories. Kaldor. Thirlwall.

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